With the BioInforma device at the Bisernica we can prepare special stones and minerals, tuned to support your healing process. These stones are called spectronosode. They are used for storing/providing special energy and information, similar to homeopathic ones, with a precise targeted action to support your harmonization, healing, revitalisation and wellbeing. A spectronosode helps in awakening the hidden reserves of the organism. This explains the wide range of influence of a spectronosode and absence of side effects and contraindications when application of traditional medical means takes place at the same time.

Spectronosode is indicated for

  • additional long term healing support,

  • awakening of hidden reserves of the organism,

  • stimulating and supporting the system to drive toxins (like heavy metals) from the body,

  • support during recuperation of the organs,

  • support the body during regeneration (for example after surgeries),

  • providing energy and healing frequencies during illness,

  • providing energy and healing frequencies to support immune system function,

  • providing energy and healing frequencies to support normal generation and flow of hormones,

  • healing of skin problems,

  • supporting weight loss,

  • anti-smoking support,

  • anti-stress support.

Frequency therapy shortens the duration of drug treatment and, afterwards, supports your body to completely avoid the usage of chemicals

The uniqueness of two-level healing is in focused restoration of the most harmed structures of organs and tissues.

Duration of a BioInforma healing: 45-55 minutes