Healing of the Heart

Dr. Neja Zupan

Balancing the Five Elements together into a heart-opening, harmonic vibration is a step towards the unified, coherent breathing of all things. In this class, we will look at how connecting and harmonizing all elements can calm the mind and the flow of emotions to get in touch with the Heart.

Feel with mind, think with heart.

Healing of the Heart

We can resolve the problem
at the level of its origin.

Over the past 3 years, we navigated through very turbulent times, which on the physical level manifested as illnesses, depression, fear, war, disagreements, economic change, etc.

I see this time as a process of huge transformation that provides us with an opportunity to evolve and become more conscious of ourselves and everything around us. There are many ways / modalities to support this transformation, and balancing the Five Elements together into a heart-opening, harmonic vibration is a step towards the unified, coherent breathing of all things.

In this class, we will look at how connecting and harmonizing all elements can calm the mind and the flow of emotions to get in touch with the Heart. The Heart is the most powerful source of the electromagnetic force, the most powerful generator of our perception and the highest intelligence of a human being; the Heart is capable of transforming deep traumas.

We will conclude the class with an amazing group balancing movement exercise: The Healing of the Heart.

What clients says about their experiance


Neja appeals to me mainly because she draws strength from her own life experiences, learns, grows – and all of this is born as wisdom that she shares with us.

Nina & Matej Gobec

Words are just words and they are hollow if they are not backed by action. You need to be active and also do what you say. But in order for words and actions to be synchronized and complement each other, it is necessary to have a big filled heart. And Neja has a huge one.


Neja is a model of responsibility, sincere friendship and bravery. At the right time in the right place to help with strength, faith and love of the heart. Thank you for being you.


Healing of the Heart

Why Healing of the Heart?

There is likely no one without some sort of disconnection from their true nature.

Such disconnection manifests as negative beliefs, fears and conditioning, false identities, anger, guilt, depression, sadness, limiting values, rage, revenge, depression, or nervousness.

No matter their origin (although usually found deep inside us and stemming from our childhood), the circumstances only awake these inner states that hold the core of our deepest conditioning, yet at the same time hold the greatest potential for liberation!

Healing of the Heart

Your Heart is patiently waiting…
Waiting to take you home.

In your body, there is a center where love and spirit are joined. It is in your heart. Your heart tells you through feelings full of love what is welcome in your life, and it reacts with aches to what is not welcome. The kingdom of your Spirit, which lies beneath layers of sensation and emotion, is accessible only by the heart. You can get in touch with your heart when the mind and emotional flow quiet down, and the masks around your spirit are cleansed. The mystical poet William Blake wrote, “You are cleansing the doors of perception.”.

The Healing of the Heart is a movement (dance) meditation that helps you clear your perception and get in touch with your heart. Through an insightful journey of movement within each of the five elements:
Water (North),
Wood (East),
Fire (South),
Metal (West) and
Earth (Center).

You awaken your physical healing, energy clearing, wisdom and spiritual insights. Guided dance movements harmoniously connect the elements inside you and open you to an unconditional flow of love and your Spirit.

This opens the doorway to receive a huge gift of connection to the Earth and her medicine – through Fire, Water, Wood and Metal, the essences of life. Life is the dynamic dance that fuses elements in each person in their own unique way and helps each individual to express their own mission. It is trans-cultural, trans-generative and transcendent.

The Healing of the Heart is composed of five special movements that each express one of the five elements, with music written specifically for this meditation (432 Hz- Heart frequency), sounds and breathing exercises designed to bring you into a mindful state of presence where love, connection, freedom, joy, harmony, and health dwell.

The music will lead you progressively through the five elements. Each element will wake up different energy and give you new insights into your life, enabling you to dive into the presence of the present moment NOW. Meditation dance is trans-cultural, trans-generative and transcendent.

Healing of the Heart


If the water that waters a thirsty man is an expression of love
I am the Water
If the Wood that fills the air with oxygen is an expression of love
I am the Wood
If the fire that keeps a man warm is an expression of love
I am Fire
If the Earth that feeds a hungry man is an expression of love
I am the Earth
If the Metal that condenses the most precious elements is an expression of love
I am the Metal

I am love and humility
Bowed low in gratitude to the miracles of life
In admiration of beauty of creation
And conscious that I am one with all.

Healing of the Heart

Basics of the Five Elements

In all walks of life, the five elements can be found. They may be translated into colors, sounds, emotions, seasons, sky directions, smells, tastes, foods, movements, or even as behaviors and habits, actions, functions and words. When the elements are in balance, their influence is perceived in life as interactions, well-being, health, and calmness. For example, if one has a life habit of speaking very loud too much, an imbalance may result. To counter this imbalance, the sounds of a control element should be practiced for a time to aid in bringing the system into balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved many intricate systems through which the natural flow of energy can be perceived. One of these is the Five Elements system, which expands upon the concepts of Yin and Yang. The Five Element system widens the Yin/Yang paradigm to encompass all natural phenomena and reflects the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

Each element contains Yin and Yang aspects, thus maintaining the underlying principles of duality and unity as the fundament of Human existence. Heaven is an expression of the Yang, while Earth relates to Yin, and we have in this concept the unity of Yin and Yang within humans living in between. When both aspects are in harmony, energy flows and our Heart is at peace, connected with the source of life.

By balancing the energy within and between each of the Five Elements, we balance the Yin and Yang aspects within us, and thus, in many ways, our energy. Using the Five Element correspondences helps us to understand how to maintain balance in life and stay connected with our Soul in the Heart.

Through the Healing of the Heart movements, we harmonize and connect elements on the subtle level, which applies deeply to the different physical, emotional and psychospiritual aspects of who we are.

Healing of the Heart

Power of the Healing of the Heart Movements

We use the power of the Five Elements as the law of movement in nature - as the organizing force of harmony, peace, connection.

We use the power of our own bodies as healing instruments; as conductors of magnetic energy of transformation.

We use the power of special music as a key to open transcendent experiences and to resolve stagnated/old/outdated emotions and feelings.

We use the power of our own voices as healing instruments to discard old traumas.

We use the power of visualization to connect ourselves with the principles of Mother Nature in a safe, gentle and truthful way.

Healing of the Heart

Dance: Healing of the Heart

The program consists of six sessions in the form of audio tracks. Each track has healing music with sounds and themes connected to one of the five elements. The last audio track (a sixth bonus music track) encourages relaxation. All together there are 50 minutes of movement meditation.

Each track is connected with a special movement and paired with one of five healing sounds from Chinese Traditional Medicine:
噓 xū – ‘deep sigh’ or ‘hiss’ – Level of the Liver Qi
呵 hē – ‘yawn’ or ‘laughing sound’ – Supplement to the Heart Qi
呼 hū – ‘to sigh,’ ‘to exhale,’ or ‘to call’ – to Cultivate [or Shore Up] the Spleen/Pancreas Qi
嘶 sī – ‘to rest’ – Supplement to the Lung Qi
吹 chuī – ‘to blow out,’ ‘to blast,’ or ‘to puff’ – Supplement to the Kidney Qi

Each of the six sessions has its own unique healing theme, approach and musical variety based on a special drumming rhythm. The drum represents the universal heartbeat of Mother Earth, the Universal goddess and mother to us all. The rhythm connects our heart to the Heart of Mother Earth thus connects and joins us as children into a big family to harmonize and live together in love, peace and light.

Healing of the Heart

Discover below
what each session is about


In this session, you will build a determined nature, a respectful reconnection with your Inner Essence, an introspective relationship with everything that is going inside and outside yourself. You will create energy where inner pain and fear can be released through sound and movement.


This session connects you to your kind-hearted soul who excels at creating clear visions, goals and plans, and builds confidence in your decision-making skills. Through the sound and movement you can release irritability and awaken an inner safeguard against unwellness due to overwork.


This session is an invitation to ignite the inner fires of passion, enthusiasm and love. Through sound and movement, your natural tendency towards joy is liberated and inspires others with charisma, courage, creativity, wisdom and intuition, helping them to believe that it’s possible for dreams to come true. On the other hand, this movement and sound can help to calm down over-excitement, emotional swings and depression.


In this session you nurture your caring, compassionate and giving nature. You embrace peace, harmony and stability in all things, cultivating a meditative-like state of being. Energy built in this session helps you to serve others better, so that they in turn can resolve their challenges. Through sound and movement you release confusion, worries and over-thinking, and harmonize your giving to others.


This session is a call to your profound inner strength, personal integrity and appreciation of beauty. With the energy assembled in this session, you will more easily process events that have happened in your life and have the support to let go of what is no longer needed. Through sound and movement, you can quiet the critical mind and break away from the rules of doing things the ‘right’ way, thus relaxing and accepting life.

Healing of the Heart


The clue is in the title. Humanity is in need – with an especially huge need for balance. One-on-one balancing sessions are time consuming.

Whether done individually at home or organised with a group, balancing through the Five Elements can sedate and soothe imbalances and open the door to wholeness and potential, and so has great potential to find resolutions for the world’s current crises.

Because a dance is very universal of the arts, and is found in every society and cultural heritage, including festive events, traditions and rituals, I have developed this particular dance to aide transformation of humanity.

Apart from its physical aspect, the rhythmic movements, steps and gestures of dance serve as meditative presence, prayer, altar work, ritual art and movement, with the shared intention to create a safe, spacious container to dive deeper into the divine presence of Here and Now where you connect with your Heart thus true self.