Neja is a natural healing specialist and an international trainer of personal excellence. She is the director of the Bisernica. Neja was a former sufferer of dysbiosis, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction, allergies, constipation, depression, skin problems and cancer. She healed herself in a natural way. Neja walks her talk. She teaches people how to live healthier lives: to understand and overcome health issues, to prevent them and to live a vital and happy life.

Because of her story she has decided to help you cure health issues and prevent yourself from suffering illness. You can read her story in the free e-book Transformation of the Eagle that you can download at Bisernica website. Her book Be the Best Possible You is available on

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I comprehend my life as a journey and I try to live it to the best I can.

Our lives are like weather, sometimes is sunny and sometimes there are storms. Bad and good things happen to everyone. We have weaknesses and strengths. And sometimes we are determined to face and win against the odds, and sometimes we want just to run away from them. Life is not always easy. But I believe that you would not be challenged by a problem if you were not able to learn, change and transform it for better. Life is our classroom.