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Neja Zupan

If you are interested to know more about my work, services or just to understand more about preventive and holistic approaches, you can read articles or watch the video’s below. 

Feel with mind, think with heart.

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Happiness and health

Neja’s message: “Be the Pearl – shine bright!”

* Because you deserve it!

Wellbeing and vitality

We look at health and energy as an investment. It is better to invest now, get a return and build on it. This investment gives you lasting

Manage your life

Imagine…… that you are walking in the middle of a desert.
There is nothing around you, only sand and hot sun…

Neja Zupan

Neja is a natural healing specialist and an international trainer of personal excellence. She is the director of the Bisernica Institute.

“I comprehend my life as a journey and I try to live it to the best I can.”

Dr. Neja Zupan

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