Neja Zupan

BioInforma treatment consists of:

  • BioInforma scan,
  • BioInforma healing,
  • BioInforma consultation.

All three combined are a very powerful natural approach towards feeling your best, having energy and overall vitality and stimulating your immune system to support your recovery and vitality.

Support your recovery and vitality

Bioresonance treatment

I (Dr. Neja) use the BioInforma medical device to scan your entire body to find possible malfunctions and dysfunctions of body structures and functions, even in the very early stages, when traditional methods are not effective. My role is to open your mind to other options of healing that can help you reveal other reasons that may explain why you do not feel well, to find out what is causing health problems, as well as instruct/coach/teach you how to truly take care of your wellbeing and wellness.

Are you interested to know

How healthy you are?

BioInform scan

BioInforma scan is a unique indicative and prognostic technology that enables full analysis of your organism with revolutionary precision.

BioInforma Consultation

A BioInforma Consultation is counseling with our natural healing specialist on results that were provided by our BioInforma device scan.

BioInforma healing

BioInforma healing is a unique healing technology that helps you to cure and prevent any disease, stress, …


With the BioInforma device, we can prepare special stones and minerals, tuned to support your healing process. 

Feel with mind, think with heart.

“I comprehend my life as a journey and I try to live it to the best I can.”

Dr. Neja Zupan

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