The human body is a self-regulating biological system, which radiates energy and electromagnetic field, as does everything in nature. Energy and electromagnetic field regulate all levels of the human organism (sub cellular, cellular, organic, systemic) and keep it in a healthy condition. When the processes of self-regulation are violated in an organism they form and accumulate “incorrect”, pathological electromagnetic oscillations that lead to the development of different illnesses. Nowadays the method of bioresonance is one of the best methods of non-drug treatment. The bioresonance treatment can prevent you from becoming ill or help you to get better, recover and rejuvenate. The bioresonance treatment shortens the duration of drug treatments and has no side effects nor contraindications when traditional medical treatment takes place at the same time.

Dr. Neja uses the BioInforma medical device to scan your entire body to find possible malfunctions and dysfunctions of body structures and functions, even in the very early stages, when traditional methods are not effective. Her role is to open your mind to other options of healing that can help you reveal other reasons that may explain why you do not feel well, to find out what is causing health problems, as well as instruct/coach/teach you how to truly take care of your wellbeing and wellness.

Neja’s aim is to provide solutions that do not include pharmaceutical products and drugs. Rather, Neja recommends other powerful natural approaches that will accelerate your progress and wellbeing as rapidly as possible. In Neja’s suggestions you can find healthy foods, healthy drinks, exercises, meditation, exercises for emotional stress release and mind training. Neja is specialised in helping you to overcome illnesses and in teaching you how to prevent health issues and, thus how to take care of proper functioning of your body, mind and spirit.

BioInforma treatment consists of: a BioInforma scan, BioInforma healing and BioInforma consultation. All three combined are a very powerful natural approach towards feeling your best, having energy and overall vitality and stimulating your immune system to support your recovery and vitality.

Bioresonance scan

Bioresonance scan is a unique indicative and prognostic technology that enables a full analysis of your organism with revolutionary precision, all without interfering with the human body. Our Bioresonance device is the Sensitiv Imago (SI) medical device.

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Bioresonance Consultation

A Bioresonance Consultation is counselling with our natural healing specialist on results that were provided by the Bioresonance device scan at the Bisernica Institute. During the Bioresonance Consultation we explain results and connections of the body, mind and spirit.

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Bioresonance healing

Bioresonance healing is a unique healing technology with frequencies and energy. Bioresonance healing helps you to cure and prevent any disease, emotional, mental and spiritual stress.

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With the bioresonance device at the Bisernica Institute we can prepare special stones, tuned to support your healing process. These stones are called spectronosode. They are used for storing/providing special energy and information, similar to homeopathic ones, with a precise targeted action to support your harmonization, healing, revitalisation and wellbeing.

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