BioInforma Consultation

Neja Zupan

A BioInforma Consultation is counseling with our natural healing specialist on results that were provided by the BioInforma device scan at the Bisernica.

During the BioInforma Consultation, we explain the results and connections of the body, mind and spirit.

Feel with mind, think with heart.

BioInforma Consultation

BioInforma results & detailed analysis

During the BioInforma Consultation, we explain the results and connections of the body, mind and spirit. We listen and provide support, information, or teaching in response to the client’s stated concerns.

The best possible option is to have a BioInforma scan together with BioInforma Consultation because you get an immediate interpretation and explanation of the BioInforma Scan.

Brief summary of a BioInforma Consultation

Include 5 hours of detailed analysis of your results of the BioInforma scan and preparation of suggestions for your natural healing

PDF document on 4-6 pages (on email): suggestions for foods, supplements, exercises for your vital energy care

Suggested program for your natural healing support

Recipes for Healthy meals, foods

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BioInforma Consultation

With a BioInforma Consultation you will receive

Tools to help yourself.

Orientation on how to help yourself to improve or maintain your health.

Advice about how to act if you want preventive health care or you want get healthier.

Support in healing process success.

How to prevent yourself from possible diseases.

How to lessen risks of becoming ill.

Insights into building healthier relationships and environment.

Guidelines for increasing your wellbeing.

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In the PDF summary you will get:

Dr. Neja’s top recommendations for boosting your immune system, energy and overall vitality

Suggestions for supplements according to results of the BioInforma Scan

Advice for foods and drinks with some nourishing and energizing recipes to help you overcome health issues, nourish your body and stimulate your immune system

Simple self-care practices to help you reduce stress and feel better

Healthy living tips

Easy energy exercises to look and feel your best, with good energy to support your recovery and vitality

Dr. Neja’s best recommendations for your wellbeing and wellness

“I comprehend my life as a journey and I try to live it to the best I can.”

Dr. Neja Zupan

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