BioInforma scan

BioInforma scan is a unique indicative and prognostic technology that enables a full analysis of your organism with revolutionary precision, all without interfering with the human body. Our BioInforma device is the Sensitiv Imago (SI) medical device. The device indicates the pathological processes, even in the very early stages, when traditional methods like ultrasound are not effective and can help to cure chronic diseases where conventional medical approach has difficulties helping. This is exciting because many diseases are not easily cured if discovered when they are already installed in a body. The BioInforma is also a successful natural holistic healing approach for acute and chronic diseases.

Brief summary of a BioInforma scan

  • A full analysis of the patient’s body system within 1 hour.

  • Identification of all possible illnesses, causes of illness, history of illnesses and pathogens.

  • Analysis of probable illness development for the period of 1 to 5 years ahead.

  • Identification of possible allergens. Identification of healthy and unhealthy foods specific to the individuals system.

  • Suggestions for treatments to support recovery and recreate the self-healing abilities of organs and systems.

  • On-spot indication of most effective additives and drugs for a patient.

With a BioInforma scan at the Bisernica you receive

  • Detection of illness in the organism, stage of their development and possible reasons for their accumulation.

  • Detection of diseases at their origin.

  • Identification of most effective treatment on an individual basis.

  • Non-invasive biochemical blood analysis.

  • Non-invasive microflora analysis detecting presence of viruses, bacteria and invaders.

  • Formation of dieting recommendations.

  • Identification of personal genetic predisposition and risks.

  • Detection of allergens and their reasons.

  • Identifies hereditary predisposition for diseases.

  • Multivariable analysis of homeostasis in systems and organs.

  • Evaluation of the biological activity of microflora.

  • Identification of changes in the organs: functional and organic.

  • Detection the acid-alkali balance in the tissues.

  • Selection of supplements by testing.

The first appointment

What you get:
  1. introduction interview/questionnarie
  2. initial set-up of the BioInforma device
  3. BioInforma scan
  4. An overview of the BioInforma scan results
  5. A recording (10minutes): recommendations about healthy life style and wellbeing to support your natural healing process – mp3 file

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Check up/ Control scans

What you get:
  1. discussion regarding progress of ongoing natural healing process
  2. BioInforma scan
  3. An overview of the BioInforma scan results
  4. A counseling and advising about healthy life style and wellbeing

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