About me

Neja Zupan

I am a natural healing specialist and an international trainer of personal excellence.

I teach people how to understand and overcome health issues to live a vital and happy life.

Feel with mind, think with heart.

Dr. Neja Zupan

Life is our greatest teacher.

I am well aware of this, as my life has already taken me through many trials, the most difficult of which was when I was diagnosed with an invasive form of glandular hormone-dependent cancer. The luck in the accident was that I had a lot of knowledge in the field of a holistic approach to people with natural healing methods, with which I could help myself.

The diagnosis led me to see this as an opportunity for transformation and decided to refuse chemotherapy and use all the knowledge that I have been supplementing and upgrading all these years and face the treatment in my own way.

I cleansed my body and mind of all toxic substances, negative emotions and thoughts. Before I started the procedures, I only had five percent of my life energy left (measured with the MeriDiM device).

I embarked on complete detoxification of my body and cleaned my intestines, liver, kidneys, stomach, and lungs. I drank various herbal teas and juices to heal. I started paying even more attention to my diet, even though I was eating healthy before. In order to heal, I ate only raw food for a while to support the living, healthy cells in my body. Then I felt that I had to strengthen my body, for which raw food alone was not enough. Now I also eat cooked food. Years ago I stopped vegetarianism (I was a vegetarian for 17 years). When feeding, I listen to my body and eat meat if necessary.

Then I started feeding my body and mind with the food of life, love, faith, determination, positive thoughts and discipline.

I became a winner in this cancer experience. Today I am full of energy and new knowledge, with a much higher level of life energy. My mission in life is to help people live disease-free lives full of energy and live up to their potential.

In this desire, my path also led me to study Ayurveda. I acquired my knowledge in India, at the Ayurvedic center in Coimbatore, via distance learning in the USA with Dr. John Douillard (LifeSpa) and Ayurvedic cuisine expert Daniella Wolf from Austria. This is how I learned a lot of wisdom from the field of Ayurveda and the preparation of food according to its principles. Ayurvedic nutrition is based on the principles of human nutrition with its basic constitution (vata, pitta, kappa).

After all the life trials that life sent me, my passion became nutrition. Food is the source of life. Food nourishes, sustains and heals us.

It is essential to have a diet that is adapted to the individual according to his health condition, goals and lifestyle. And this is where I can help you best.

Dr. Neja Zupan

Holistic treatment

Since my method of operation is a holistic treatment of the individual,
along with proper nutrition, I also help you detoxify your thoughts and mind.

For more than 20 years I have been helping people with natural healing methods, personal growth and spiritual development.

After basic education, Dr. in the field of organizational sciences, I was also active as a researcher and lecturer at the faculty. I am also the author of several books and programs and the proud owner of quite a few licenses (Reiki, NLP, Touching Health).

You can see the full list of skills and competencies here.

For more than 30 years I have been studying natural ways of healing. I was quite sick as a child, I had pneumonia several times, I had many allergies, skin diseases, constipation and other digestive disorders (bloating, wind, flatulence), depression and sexual dysfunction, and the last trial was hormone-dependent glandular cancer.

Since official medicine had no other answers than pharmaceuticals, I decided to investigate the roots of problems, problems and diseases when I came of age. Through the healing process, I researched and tested many different natural healing approaches on my own skin and came to the conclusion that only a holistic approach is successful, that is, one that treats the body, emotions, thoughts and spirit at the same time. Through this approach to healing, I found my mission and can help you look at your life from different perspectives and help you holistically.

I often jokingly say, “The cancer experience was just a test of my ability to use the natural healing methods that God gave me, or in other words: “SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!” After this ordeal, I feel much stronger and with strong faith, that transformation is possible. With my healing, I proved that I do (use) what I say and teach others. I impart all this knowledge and wisdom to you to recognize your current situation and channel the power of love and healing into creating greater harmony, joy, contentment and well-being in your life.

I have been involved in counseling for over 20 years and have already helped hundreds of people to live a better quality of life. Through the analysis of body energy: organs and structures in the body, I find out which energy flows are in disharmony and imbalance. In order to create greater harmony, I advise which food to eat, which nutritional supplements to support the body and how to use energy exercises to balance energies, and calm thoughts and emotions, so that you can feel more harmony, love and peace in your life.

What clients says about their experiance


Neja appeals to me mainly because she draws strength from her own life experiences, learns, grows – and all of this is born as wisdom that she shares with us.

Nina & Matej Gobec

Words are just words and they are hollow if they are not backed by action. You need to be active and also do what you say. But in order for words and actions to be synchronized and complement each other, it is necessary to have a big filled heart. And Neja has a huge one.


Neja is a model of responsibility, sincere friendship and bravery. At the right time in the right place to help with strength, faith and love of the heart. Thank you for being you.