I comprehend my life as a journey and I try to live it to the best I can.

Our lives are like weather, sometimes is sunny and sometimes there are storms. Bad and good things happen to everyone. We have weaknesses and strengths. And sometimes we are determined to face and win against the odds, and sometimes we want just to run away from them. Life is not always easy. But I believe that you would not be challenged by a problem if you were not able to learn, change and transform it for better. Life is our classroom…..

Wellbeing and vitality

We look at health and energy as an investment. It is better to invest now, get a return and build on it. This investment gives you lasting wellbeing, that you may avoid a “health debt”

Manage your life

Imagine…… that you are walking in the middle of a desert. There is nothing around you, only sand and hot sun...

Are you interested to know how healthy you are?

BioInform scan

BioInforma scan is a unique indicative and prognostic technology that enables a full analysis of your organism with revolutionary precision, all without interfering with the human body. Our BioInforma device is the Sensitiv Imago (SI) medical device.

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BioInforma Consultation

A BioInforma Consultation is counselling with our natural healing specialist on results that were provided by the BioInforma device scan at the Bisernica. During the BioInforma Consultation we explain results and connections of the body, mind and spirit.

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BioInforma healing

BioInforma healing is a unique healing technology with frequencies and energy. BioInforma healing helps you to cure and prevent any disease, emotional, mental and spiritual stress.

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With the bioresonance device at the Bisernica we can prepare special stones, tuned to support your healing process. These stones are called spectronosode. They are used for storing/providing special energy and information, similar to homeopathic ones, with a precise targeted action to support your harmonization, healing, revitalisation and wellbeing.

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